Join the AABSW Leadership: Board Positions Now Open!

Call for Board Members to join the AABSW organization poster
October 10, 2023
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Opportunities in Leadership: AABSW Invites Passionate Members to Join its Board of Directors

The Alberta Association of Black Social Workers (AABSW) is a notable pillar in Alberta’s social work landscape, serving as a symbolic hub for professional development, mentorship, and peer support for Black social workers and aspirant students. And now, an opportunity has arisen for dedicated individuals to join this trailblazing journey.

Why Be a Part of AABSW’s Board?

Being an integral part of the AABSW’s Board is more than just a title; it’s about carrying forward a legacy and actively participating in moulding the future of Black social workers in Alberta. The Board serves as a crucible, harmonizing skills like strategic planning, governance, and fund development, driving the AABSW’s missions and objectives.

The Crucial Roles within the Board

  • President:
    – Spearhead the Board’s vision.
    – Supervise business board affairs.
    – Ensure alignment with AABSW’s overarching mission.

  • Vice President:
    – Be the successor-in-line for the President.
    – Ensure continuity and knowledge transition.
    – Act as backup during the President’s absence.

  • Secretary:
    – Guardian of records, minutes, and votes.
    – Manage board member communications.
    – Uphold activities by our bylaws.

  • Treasurer:
    – The financial custodian of AABSW.
    – Track the nonprofit’s fiscal health.
    – Signatory authority, in conjunction with others.

  • Director of Communications:
    – Shape AABSW’s voice via robust communication strategies.
    – Address potential media concerns.
    – Forge enduring relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Director of IT:
    – Oversee AABSW’s technological infrastructure.
    – Lead IT upgrades, system conversions, and maintenance.
    – Draft comprehensive SOPs while staying abreast of tech advancements.

  • Director of Volunteer Services:
    – A leader who harnesses the power of collective action.
    – Recruit, train, and motivate our volunteers.
    – Craft distinct roles and establish collaborative partnerships to bolster our volunteer base.

  • Director of Fundraising:
    – Drive our fundraising endeavours.
    – Plan, budget, and evaluate fundraising events and initiatives.
    – Be AABSW’s face to our cherished donors, partners, and media.

For those whose ambitions resonate with these roles, your time to leave an indelible mark in Alberta’s social work community is now.

Navigating the Journey Ahead.

Prospective board members will collaborate closely with peers, offering insights and expertise spanning governance to financial management. This prestigious commitment encompasses attending board meetings – virtually or in person – ensuring you’re at the core of every strategic decision. Every member must commit at least 18 months, a timeframe poised to make tangible impacts.

The drive to ensure continuous professional growth, community engagement, and stakeholder satisfaction is intense. Hence, AABSW offers each member a canvas to paint their vision, drive initiatives, and sculpt the narrative of empowerment and progress for Alberta’s Black social workers.

Embarking on This Esteemed Journey.

For those who envision themselves as catalysts for change, we welcome you to submit your applications by Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM using this LINK.

Neisau Ramcharan, available at, remains open for any inquiries or further information.

In times when community engagement and leadership are more vital than ever, your involvement might be the transformative change the AABSW community seeks. We’re enthusiastic about the horizon and the potential it holds with you on Board.